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Watersound Closings & Escrow will handle the closing of the property and will work with lenders involved in the financing.

We will hold all funds in escrow and disburse the funds in the settlement of the transaction.

We will ensure that the seller delivers and the buyer obtains clear title to the property, and will provide title insurance to protect against any unforeseen future title defects that could affect an owner’s interest in the property.

We provide prompt, efficient, friendly and secure communication regarding your transaction through Qualia, our secure, cloud-based title, escrow and closing platform. Qualia allows WSCE to provide our clients with real-time updates on the closing process, communicate through a secure mobile app, and provide a document storage portal for our clients to access their documents on their own schedules.

Our clients and colleagues are our foremost priority. We will go above and beyond to ensure a professional and seamless closing experience for all parties involved in the closing transaction.

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